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Luxury Law assists you in all other aspects of law, including luxury aircrafts and cars transaction as well as Maritime and Aviation law. Our lawyers are well-known for being legal expert in their field of specialization.
Our Areas of Specialization:

Aircraft Transactions

Legal assistance in Aircraft transactions

Our attorneys can advise and assist you in the purchase or sale of new and second-hand aircraft, ownership registration, aircraft financing and leasing, insurance, negotiations, powers of attorney, as well as dealing in the unfortunate circumstances that your aircraft is involved in an accident. When dealing with cross-border transactions, even simple matters can become complicated. The governing law and bureaucracy is different in each country and it is easy for language and cultural differences to cause unwanted misunderstandings which can in some cases lead to a breakdown in the transaction. Luxury Law bridges these differences ensuring your transaction reaches its intended successful outcome.

Do you wish to purchase or sell an aircraft?

Out team of attorneys specialized in aircraft transactions follow the entire negotiation process taking the hard work and stress away from you and ensuring you reach your desired outcome. You will also feel the peace of mind with the knowledge that even after the transaction is completed the right mechanisms are in place to protect your interests should anything go wrong.
If you wish to sell an aircraft, Luxury Law is able to assist with the brokerage agreements and transactional documents.

Do you need advises in relation to “registration and taxes”?

How and wheredo I have to register my aircraft? What the amount of taxes due? Is any double taxation applying? Is it better if I register my aircraft in the name of my corporation? If these are some of the questions you wish to obtain a straightforward and correct answer, Luxury Law will take the stress away from you by giving you a diligent answer to all your queries.

Car transactions

Ask our expert lawyers advice before committing to buy your luxury car

Buying, selling, renting or leasing a car can appear to be one of the easiest things to do as long you have money and you have identified a car which you like but this is not the case when you decide to deal with a luxury transaction where the car is particularly rare, a super-car or is a vintage/classic. In similar transactions, further checks and due diligence should be made, especially if you are a foreigner buying, selling, renting or leasing such a car in Italy.
Insurance, registration, VAT advice, surveys, temporary plates are just a few of the numerous matters you might want to receive advice. Indeed, an experienced lawyer will be able to lead and direct you through the process and ensure that clauses protecting your rights are incorporated into any “standard contract”.
Furthermore, an appropriate due diligence exercise is always necessary to ensure that the car you are purchasing is clean of charges and that does not come from aunscrupulous vendor.

Maritime & Shipping Law

Do you have a pleasure boat, and you need to quickly resolve issues related to your vessel?

We provide our clients with a broad package of services which also include shipping law. We have already outlined our services related to Yachting. In this section we would like to describe all other areas of law, which also include litigation matters.
We assist pleasure boat owners, in respect of all the legal and operational problems they could face either while navigating or in port. We therefore provide our clients with a comprehensive judicial and extrajudicial assistance included but non limited to H&M damages, liability against third parties, salvage contracts or/and operations, arrests, relationships with Agents, Coast Guard and Port facilities Companies, insurance claim settlements. Also, Protecting the victims of maritime injuries is our aim. Thanks to our good relationship established during years of experience, we correspond with the most prestigious firms specialized in shipping law.


Are you looking for an attorney with high experience in litigation?

Luxury Law litigation attorneys represent clients in a wide range of complex matters.
At Luxury Law, we make every effort to avoid contentious and costly litigation unless strictly necessary. However, when it is not possible to negotiate or mediate, our litigators are prepared to use all their skills to defend our clients’ rights. The word “Litigation” includes several steps, which are all contained in this short expression. The main steps of litigation are: - Pleadings - Discovery - Trial - (Possible) Appeal. All the above steps require a full knowledge of the entire procedure, mandatory deadlines and a good approach with the matter. Tasks can vary depending on the nature of the dispute; therefore it is important that such rules, terms, procedures are well known to a litigator attorney as no mistakes are allowed. Such a high responsibility requires a high level of expertise, reason why Luxury Law litigation team has built a very good experience in this field.

Criminal Law

Choosing a high-skilled criminal attorney can be the biggestadvantage you can have in life.

Our criminal attorneys are very astute and highly recommended.
We pride ourselves for providing high quality support in all criminal proceedings.
Our experts always provide experienced and skilled support by accurately preparing your defense.
We offer the best possible criminal defense and representation in all Courts in all Italian Country.
Just few of our criminal lawyers cases:
- International terrorism - Human Smuggling - Marine crimes - Italian “Mafia” case - Criminal damage We have been involved in many other significant cases over the past years. Our criminal attorneys will always prepare your case meticulously, providing high quality support.