6 May 2019

English speaking lawyers in Italy

Being English speaking lawyers, should not just involve that a lawyer speaks fluent English. It is very important that he/she has acquired an International mind through his/her […]
7 September 2018

Buying a first home – fiscal benefits

When you come to a purchase of a first home, there are many things you need to be aware of. Tax implication, in fact, can be important […]
23 May 2018
ape energy certificate

APE – Energy Certificate

What is an APE – Energy Certificate APE, also known as Energy Certificate, is the acronym of “Attestato Prestazione Energetica”. This is a certificate which provides the […]
4 May 2018

Real Estate Attorney

10 Rules to make your investment safe – your Real Estate Attorney will help! Whenever you decide to invest in Italy on a property purchase, be […]
21 November 2017

Luxury Law is further co-operating with WiklundKurucuk Law Firm

We are proudly announcing that Luxury Law – International Law Firm – is further co-operating with WiklundKurucuk Law Firm, a family owned Turkish Law firm based […]
16 February 2017

Law firm in Italy

Luxury Law is a boutique Law Firm in Italy, which offers qualified legal service to foreign clients willing to familiarize with the Italian system and market. […]
11 January 2017

Luxury Law Will Be Present At The Boot Düsseldorf 2017.

International Yacht Exhibition. We will participate, this year too, at the Boot Düsseldorf, the international yacht exhibition which will be held in Dusseldorf between 21st and […]
14 December 2016

The best italian attorneys

When you have to deal with the purchase of luxury goods, you must be sure to rely on the right people and best Italian attorneys. The […]
1 December 2016
Marine protected areas: Distance limit for mega yacht

Yacht law

Yacht lawyers at Luxury Law Our yacht lawyers have the necessary passion for sea and yachts as well as professional skills which will save you money […]
1 December 2016

Italian attorney

When you come to a purchase of luxury goods, you need to rely on the right professional and Italian attorney. The risk of incurring in legal […]
1 December 2016

Italian law firm

ITALIAN LAW FIRM | LAW FIRM IN ITALY Well-known and affirmed in assisting of luxury goods buying and selling, Luxury Law is an Italian law firm […]
16 May 2016
Yacht Accident

What to do if you are involved in a yacht accident?

Steps you need to follow after a yacht accident: The first thing to do after being involved in a yacht accident is to immediately inform the […]
2 May 2016

Buying your yacht at auction: be assisted by a lawyer for a yacht purchase at auction.

Buying a yacht at auction might be one of the easiest ways to obtain a good deal on your luxury boat purchase. The procedure can be […]
27 April 2016
Marine protected areas: Distance limit for mega yacht

Marine protected areas: Distance limit for mega yacht

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has declared that mega yachts are no longer obliged to be at least two miles away from the so […]