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Italian Property Sale Lawyer

How to sell a house in Italy

Buying or selling your Italian property can be a highly complex matter, especially for a foreigner. It is recommended to have a bilingual lawyer who can assist you throughout the entire transaction. There are several reasons why you should hire a specialized Italian attorney to sell your property. Here some aspects:

• An Italian property sale lawyer makes you save your money

You may think that hiring a lawyer will involve more costs due for legal fees, but paradoxically when you come to sell your property you can even save money if you hire a specialized Italian property sale attorney. Why is this? An Italian property sale attorney knows the market very well and is able to reccommend you the most serious and professional experts in this sector. In fact, an expert attorney has a good knowledge of the most well known and prepared brokers and real estate agents, surveyors, geometras, etc. Cheap professionals and services are sometimes preferred, however chosing the wrong ones might involve double costs.

Your Italian attorney can advice you regarding the most beneficial foreign exchange rate. This is Luxury Law common practice since we constantly deal with international sales and purchases.

Your Italian property sale lawyer will inform you with all costs involved in a property sale.

There are costs involved in a property sale transaction, and some of them are to be paid by the seller, some others are at the expense of the buyer. Your Italian property sale attorney will inform and explain you about all these costs and will ensure that you will not be paying costs per which you should not be charged.

Contract drafting is one of the first delicate steps of a property sale. as a buyer commits himself together with the seller. A preliminary contract includes a list of clauses and terms which are totally unknown to a foreign client. Did you know, for example, that depending on the use of the word “Deposit” in a deed, responsibilities can be very different? The meaning of “Caparra Confirmatoria” (“Deposit” in English) is in fact different from the menaing of “Deposito Cauzionale“(still “Deposit” in English), and consequences in case of a wrong use of this word might cause huge and irreparable misunderstandings.