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1 December 2016
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1 December 2016
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Italian attorney

When you have to deal with the purchase of luxury goods, you must be sure you relied to the right people. The risk of incurring legal problems or scams, is higher if the buying and selling takes place abroad.

For this reason Luxury Law provides the best Italian attorney in the field of luxury goods transactions.

Another important factor to consider, is that there can be no misunderstandings in the purchase because of language differences. Our Italian attorney, not only is one of the best in the Luxury Law field, but she also has a proficiency level in English.

This assures you that, despite is an Italian lawyer, there will be no misunderstandings in the purchase and you can be sure that everything you required is clearly explained as you’re dealing with an English mother tongue lawyer.

Rely on our Italian lawyer and your safety will be guaranteed.

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