Becoming an Italian lawyer: An Italian lawyer can practice after passing a very stressful and difficult exam which takes three days. Through this exam each Commission examins if the “Doctors in law” (students graduated in Law) who have completed the law practice (two years training), are prepared enough for getting to the second stage: the oral exam. This last exam might take place after a few months time, or even one year from the written exam, this is because the Commissions take a very long time to check, correct and give their feedback on each participant’s task. Only people who are graduated in jurisprudence and have completed two years practice, can participate and do the exam to become an Italian lawyer.


It is not required to be specilized in a particular matter, on the contrary, the participants have to be prepared in civil, criminal and procedure matters. If the Doctors in Law pass the exam, they can practice in any field: Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Maritime, etc. However any Italian lawyer can decide to get specialized in just one matter insted of working in anything which comes along. This surely gives a higher preparation and expertise, and it is surely an investment to whom wishes to work well on a limited number of cases, rather than having a “sufficient” preparation in all branches of law. The main specializations of an Italian lawyer are Civil and Criminal law, however, as anticipated above, there are many other fields of law which, we believe, need an accurate preparation (Maritime law, Real Estate law, for example), reason why Luxury Law has decided to chose, among its lawyers in Italy, the ones who are specialized in one single matter. Luxury Law is, in fact, the sole, or one of the very few firms in Italy, who have lawyers truly specialized in only one field. Our lawyers have invested their time and effort to be very prepared in one specific field. This is a very coragiuos and responsible choise, as it takes long to get specialized and very prepared in one matter, it involves investment and time. If an Italian lawyer wishes to have full knowledge in one fiels, he/she will surely spend his/her time only in a smaller list of clients, those clients who are requiring legal assistance in a specific case. Each branch of law needs, in our opinion, full preparation and accurate attention, and only who has been focuseing in one single matter for years and years, can offer good quality advices. We feel that Luxury Law offers not just legal advices, but the most efficient ones.

Luxury Law is insured for R.C. Professional by Amissima Assicurazioni S.p.A. and is composed by professionals and collaborators of counsel, specifically chosen for their attitude towards substantial dedication and experience.


Serena is a founding partner of Luxury Law. She previously worked as Senior Lawyer and Heal of Department in well known international law firms. Partner & Founder

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Carlo is a Consultant at Luxury Law, after obtaining a first class Masters’ Degree in Law, he moved to the UK where he gained experience in a variety of legal sectors.

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Evgenyia is a Russian lawyer based in Italy where she assists foreign clients especially those who are Russian speakers.

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Donato graduated in law, cum laude, at the University of Palermo. He was admitted at the bar on July 9th, 2002, and not longer after he became Partner of a reputable law firm.

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Sonia is a true expert in the specialist area of auction purchase and has over 13 years of experience.

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