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Italian attorneys and international lawyers in Italy

Luxury Law is a boutique international law firm mostly composed of Italian attorneys based in Italy.

The presence of foreign lawyers in our team add value to the Firm as each matter can be seen on different prospects, cultures, and under an international point of view. In fact, our attorneys are international minded and speak fluent English among other languages.

Each attorney at Luxury Law is specifically focusedin one matter, so that the Firm is able to offer expertise, preparation, and a high level of experience in each specific sector.

Our core business
The Firm assists its clients in all their transactions be it the purchase or sale of a yacht, high-end real estate or any other luxury goods such as private jet or cars.

Our Real Estate team can assist you throughout the entire transaction, from the early stage of the negotiations, until the signature of the final deed of sale/purchase.

In case of a Yacht Transaction , Luxury Law can assist you with every aspects of your purchase or sale. If you are buying a new boat, a used one or if you are buying a boat at auction, Luxury Law can resolve any maritime issues, which might arise during your transaction.

In both Real Estate and Yacht transaction our international lawyers in Italy offers you an accurate and expert due diligence.Numerous are, in fact, the encumbrances, charges, hidden issues which might arise during a transaction. You can visit our News section if you wish to read more.

Luxury Law completes its profile thanks to high expertise offered in the field of Maritime law. Each Italian attorney at Luxury Law will assist you throughout the matter with professionalism, attention to detail and your best interests at all times.

If you need assistance in, among others,a property or yacht purchase, Luxury Law will take the stress and hard work out of any transaction that you are looking to enter into, as well as making sure you have peace of mind at the end of the transaction.

Other Areas
Luxury Law offers highly tailor-made assistance to clients in both judicial and extra-judicial matters.

The Firm covers many other areas of law which are directly or indirectly connected with the Real Estate and Yachting sectors, such as, among others:

  • Administrative Law
  • Maritime/Shipping Law
  • Tax Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law

This gives to all our Clients the certainty to have a Firm, which has a complete overview of the entire matter. Luxury Law can help you resolve any transaction-related issues.

Our network and partnerships with international law firms around the globe gives our international lawyers in Italy the possibility to assist all clients anywhere they are, whether at home on business or in transit.

Luxury Law Team: international lawyers in Italy


Serena is a founding partner of Luxury Law. She previously worked as Senior Lawyer and Heal of Department in well known international law firms. Partner & Founder

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Donato graduated in law, cum laude, at the University of Palermo. He was admitted at the bar on July 9th, 2002, and not longer after he became Partner of a reputable law firm.

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Paolo is our attorney specialized in Corporate and Maritime law. His name and experience are well known in the Italian legal world. Paolo is based in North Italy - of counsel in Genoa.

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Salvatore is specialized in Criminal law and has over 30 years experience in this field.

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Luxury Law is insured for R.C. Professional and is composed by professionals and collaborators of counsel, specifically chosen for their attitude towards substantial dedication and experience.