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Carlo Deho

Carlo is a Consultant at Luxury Law, Italian native, who after obtaining a first class Masters’ Degree in Law at the University of Bari, Italy in 2012, moved to the UK where he gained experience in a variety of legal sectors such as Real Estate, Inheritance, Corporate Law and Tax, working at in house legal departments and international law firms.

He took part in important commercial contract negotiations, dealt with international cross-border luxury negotiations for high profile international clients and assisted form London several foreign clients during the property sale process in Italy thanks to his good networking skills and professionalism.

Carlo is passionate and have brilliant business development and project management capabilities. His preparation in law together with his brilliant skills as a business development make him a cutting edge business lawyer capable to inform our clients regarding the most particular aspects of the law, but also capable to gain trust from potential clients who immediately trust him and come back to us with a very good feedback.

The above are just a few reasons that make our firm proud to have Carlo in our team.

Carlo speaks English, Italian and Spanish, he loves animals, travelling and sports. Of counsel

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