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English speaking lawyers in Italy

Being English speaking lawyers, should not just involve that a lawyer speaks fluent English. It is very important that he/she has acquired an International mind through his/her international experience as a lawyer.

Luxury Law – International aLaw Firm is formed by international minded lawyers with a huge international experience in the legal sector, and who are able to understand the language as well as the culture of different Countries.

An English speaking lawyer must also be fully aware of the tecnical language, “legal vucabulary” in terms of avoiding misunderstandings whilst drafting a contract or dealing with legal issues.

Lawyers or people in law are less likely to misinterpret each other if they have a consistent understanding of a legal term they are using.

Some words are, in fact, written in the so called “Legalese”, this is more that a technical language. The Legalese is, in some cases, a very old latin which is used in most jurisdictions.

Here some of the most common Latin terms and related meanings:

Ab initio: From the beginning

Bona fide: In good faith

De facto: Something which exist “in fact”, but not strictly legally recognized.

Discovery: A phase in the process where both parties gain information and documents to be used during the trial.

In loco parentis: Instead of someone who is not a parent, but who assumes parental responsibilities for a young person.

Pro bono: It usually refers to legal work which is done for free.

Pro rata: It refers to a proportionate adjustment to a calculation.

Ratio decidendi: the reason for a decision.

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