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1 April 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) & Real Estate Market in Italy

How Covid-19 will impact on Italian Real Estate Market? As the virus continues to spread from country to country, and obliges people to stay home, we […]
26 December 2019

Most frequently asked questions when buying a house

Luxury Law, though this article, has decided to answer the most common questions when buying a house. We have sintetized some of the most frequent asked […]
22 November 2019

Buy houses in Sicily for 1 euro

How to buy houses in Sicily for 1 Euro Few Municipalities in Italy have decided to attract investors by selling properties for 1€. Is this true? […]
4 November 2019

How to buy a house in Italy

How to buy a house in Italy? The question “how to buy a house in Italy” is very frequent among foreigners who do not have any […]
18 September 2019

Real Estate lawyers for your prefabricated house in Italy – off grid houses

Luxury Law – International Law Firm has been receiving a number of enquiries related to the construction of prefabricated houses in Italy. Reason why today we […]
23 May 2018
ape energy certificate

APE – Energy Certificate

What is an APE – Energy Certificate APE, also known as Energy Certificate, is the acronym of “Attestato Prestazione Energetica”. This is a certificate which provides the […]
4 May 2018

Real Estate Attorney

10 Rules to make your investment safe – your Real Estate Attorney will help! Whenever you decide to invest in Italy on a property purchase, be […]