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4 May 2018
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APE – Energy Certificate

ape energy certificate

ape energy certificate for real estate

What is an APE – Energy Certificate

APE, also known as Energy Certificate, is the acronym of “Attestato Prestazione Energetica”. This is a certificate which provides the assessment of the energy consumption of a building.

The main characteristic of an Energy Certificate is that this takes into consideration various information about the property. These information are related, for example, to:

a) tipe of building

b) hot water providing

c) cooling and heating system

d) energy production and installation system.


When does it need to be requested?

The APE is usually requested before selling a property, as this is a document that needs to be attached in the final deed of sale. However this is also requested in case of donation, renting, construction of a new building, renovation of the construction surface of the building.

If the energy performance changes due to the works carried out on the property, the APE has to be performed again.

Consequences in case of missing APE can be quite severe as you might be subject to a fine.

An APE is usually valid for 10 years.


Who releases an APE?

Technicians such as:




can release this document.

Sometimes there are companies which release this certificate, however a professional needs to sign the document and he takes legal responsibilities in case of any wrong information.

In case of a fake certificate, consequences might be very important, reason why we suggest you to distrust from technicians who offer you a very low price.


How much does it cost an APE?

The estimate for an APE can be various.

The price might be various depending on a few circumstances such as: square meters of the building, the city where it is requested, the technician who drafts it.

Cost is usually not lower than €150 and not higher than €300.

In any case you need to make sure that the professional who released the certificate has personally checked the property.

It might happen, sometimes, to find some adverts on the web where they offer you to release an APE for a very cheap price. They just ask you a planimetry and few other information. Then, they release you the document in few days. This APE is apparently perfect, but might be incorrect due to missing or wrong information.

This can be very dangerous as you do receive an APE by spending a very low amount of money, but this might be inappropriate because based on false information.


How to drown up an APE

An APE certificate is the result of a number of information that the professional adds in a particular software, after accurately taken all necessary information.

Once the technician takes all the information required, the work is quite simple and the software releases the certificate.

The technician signs the document and he takes the responsibility of its content. He/she attaches his/her ID card in the document.