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27 May 2021
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IMU tax 2021

As we know, in most Municipalities the deadline for paying the first tranche of Imu and Tari is fast approaching, with the date being June 16, 2021.

Who calculates IMU?

All tax payers can calculate the tax due on their own as your municipality will not send you a bill or any reminders to pay.

If you wish to calculate your IMU taxes by yourself, you need to start from the first basic information of your property cadastral value.

This is reported in the publich deed of purchase of your property or in a Visura (land registry extract containing information about properties).

How to Calculate IMU

The cadastral value amount is revalued of a fix percentage and multiplied by a coefficient. This coefficient is different for each cadastral category.

Finally, the value obtained after this calculation is subject to the percentages applied in each municipality.

Each municipality applies its percentage therefore it is best for you to get this information before proceeding with the calculation.

Do I need to seek professional assistance to pay the IMU?

We understand that doing your own calculation might be quite frustrating, and lead you to an uncertain or wrong result.

However there are several websites which provide you the amount due by adding few information about the property, cadastral income, etc. There are websites such as:

and other valuable sites.

Despite those channels are quite reliable, you might have some doubts on the coefficient to be entered, that is why we suggest you to seek professional advice of an expert. An expert professional can assist you on how to best report your taxes.

Please note that since 1 January 2020 there is no longer a separate payment for the so called TASI (Property Service Tax) as it has been incorporated into the IMU (Ownership Tax).